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This may sound obvious to some but highlighting this and raising awareness may help in some ways.

Being organised can also always be difficult to constantly put into practice and be strict with yourself to a certain degree.

You haven't got that routine and/or don't even know what day of the week it is!

You're always tired because you can't sleep properly as your work interferes with your sleep pattern You find it hard to follow a tv programme so you find it hard to relax and wind down after a busy day or shift. It can be difficult to think about dating when you're not at your best, or be in the proper frame or mind and/or be at your best on those important first dates (more advice on first dates).

This page will teach you some Java Script basics so that you can get up and running in no time*.

A way to improve this would be to try and work at your organisation to improve your organisational skills.If you are able to try and sort out the problems and get a better quality of life and better work life balance, you may be happier throughout everyday things and therefore more open, approachable to meet people and find someone you really like and get on well with.We have identified some of the problems with working irregular hours, or long hours or working a shift pattern.Programmers care more about making it work rather than trying to make it work the very first time.Don't worry though, this will happen very rarely.

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