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Between the server saves of December 23 and December 27, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast.

The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled. Your Community Managers In order to sweeten their launch, we are offering a whopping discount on world transfers to these game worlds for a limited time only: From their launch on December 12, 2017 until January 17, 2018, CET, you will save 50% when purchasing a South America Character World Transfer or Express South America Character World Transfer in the Store ingame.

Another great danger is threatening the inhabitants of Edron and Cormaya!

Learn more about the contagious were-sickness and prevent it from spreading further into Tibia!

Also, these new worlds are open for free and premium players right away. Brazil, who still have characters on game worlds in North America or Europe and who would like to move them to a world located signficiantly closer to their home to improve their connection quality. As of December 12, server save, character world transfers will become much more convenient for all of you: he winter update has been released!

Time to follow-up on the most important features and changes that await you in Tibia from now on.

That can only mean one thing: The year is almost over and the holiday season is here.

We invite you to participate in our traditional holiday raffle What has Santa given you? The feedback form will be open for submissions till January 6.

Afterwards, we will automatically draw three winners and deliver the items to the inbox of the highest levelled character of the account that was used to fill in the feedback form.

The VAT will be added to our products, which unfortunately implies an increase in the pricing of our products for our Swiss customers by 7.7%. Read up on what you have to do in order to participate. Do you worship warm temperatures and are opposed to the thought of long and dark winter nights?

Due to changes in the value-added tax system in Switzerland, we will have to pay VAT there from January 1 on. Read up on what you have to do in order to participate. All contest details are provided in Spanish and in English. Do you refuse to spend countless evenings in front of your chimney while ice-cold wind whistles through the cracks and niches of your house?

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