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“Okay, the rest of them are locked so I can’t even give you a name or even a guess on who all to expect.Dating simulators are games that do exactly that - they simulate the experience of trying to date someone. Well, if real life was like a video game where you could improve your chosen stats to improve your chances with your crush. The failings of reality are why we turn to video games yet again!

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” Picking up the controller, she went through the menu. I remember when I had to practically drag him to sit with us.

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki Age: 15I'm your typical high school student, expect for the fact that I'm also being chased by a bunch of different guys. Ichigo has a small group of friends that he hangs out with with.

He lives with his father and two younger sisters in their house attached clinic.

Sado's group of friends tend to call him Chad instead of his by his actual name.

He's tall and strong for his age and doesn't speak much.

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