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I would like to reiterate that delivery verification calling is a quality control standard in our industry and that each company that does this type of quality control is responsible for their own list.As such, even though PDC will no longer contact all numbers that are requested to be on our Do No Call list, you may be contacted by others that do not have this capability. Info to provide If you want to play with these people a little I?AT&T Annoyance Call Beaureu: 800-348-8727 (for AT&T customers only) 2. You can file a report with them by sending an e-mail to [email protected] File a police report and then call the Verizon Unlawful Call Center at 800-518-5507 with the report number. If you have Comcast call screening is included in your package free of charge. (This may or may not be automatically be offered by other phone service providers. There are e-mail scams that phish for personal information, you don? NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE TO SOMEONE WHO CALLED YOU! If you think the company will provide you a service that will help you, then at least get a number from them where you can call them back. Requesting Donations for local Firemen (same as above, these funds DO NOT go to help firefighters.) 6. They are calling and leaving messages on cell phones stating they got your number from a friend and leaving different internet handles and e-mails, such as:, butterflyd34, 2cute4, butterflyd34,,, onewolf624,, psychocutie_p080,, [email protected],, psychocutie_p080 from,, Teeny4,,, teeny4,,, kinky0909,,, Blu Devil Girl_822k, ect. t sound right, ask them what company they are calling from and make sure it? Part V: Possible company names, locations, and working call back numbers: Many times people stay on the line and try to extract information from representatives to see if they can find out exactly who is making these calls. She did not however state the name of the company nor leave any kind of call back number. BUT our service is very very helpful and we have hundreds of thousands of people who give us great reviews after saving them money.FTC 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261 https://gov/pls/dod/wsolcq$.startup? You need to contact your provider to find out.) 11. t go this route and would advise others to be wary of this, it sounds like another scam. s another person who is claiming that they want to file a lawsuit against the company First Investors Financial SVCS who he / she believes is the company that is making these calls and asks people to send any info to their e-mail address: [email protected] If they cannot provide one then they are fraudulent.) 1. Offering to extend car warranties (NEVER GIVE YOUR VIN NUMBER OUT OVER THE PHONE TO SOMEONE WHO HAS CALLED YOU! (Again there are too many of these for me to list them all) 10. s the correct name of the company that is collecting on the debt that you owe, also if you are still not sure, get a phone number from them and call them back. Representatives sometimes provide company names, websites, locations, and call back numbers. One of these numbers that was reported as a fraudulent number comes up with this info: M Woodward (207) 989-6079 98 N Main St Brewer, ME 04412 When you call this number it gives a message that the mailbox for this number is full. Another number 207-439-9039 calls back to a person? Someone posted that this is their personal home number. For anyone who reads this by "Erin" just know that she must not have anything better to do with her time than to run her mouth about a company she knows nothing about.Now, there are several reasons people fall for scams. s scumbags like this who come along and wipe them out, sometimes leaving them penniless.

The reason for this is to spread the information and knowledge to as many people so they know about the scam and know not to fall for it.

This is what I've gathered so far by looking at the websites that pertain to these scams.

Just so we're clear, I'm only reposting information from other posts I've seen regarding these scams. FCC where it says Form 1088 and it will bring you to this link: https://gov/form1088/7. Everest College - Phoenix Online Division phone: 480-598-6900 Tempe, AZ 85284-1117 480-598-2609 16.

When I did a search for the numbers I received calls from, I realized that there are literally thousands of numbers that these fraudulent companies are using so I started gathering information.

Since I am on the National Do Not call list, I report the number every time I get one of these calls, but it doesn? The reason these people are so persistent and continue to call myself and so many others on a regular basis, is because there are people who fall for it. These are people who have worked hard to acquire what they have and are now at a time in their lives where they should be able to enjoy their retirement and it?

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