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Their sixth sense reacted to the danger, and when they decided to protect Yamato's dimension, four of the six King's Credentials transformed into Zyuoh Changers to transform the Zyumen into the Zyuohgers.Yamato wanted to become a Zyuohger too and asked a fifth King's Credential for Zyuohger powers.I had enough experience with Raspian/Raspbmc to know how to get the Pi up and running with Retro Pie.I also had not previously dealt with the GPIO pins on a Pi.The GBA was initially released in 2001 by a Nintendo complacent and confident after a decade of virtual monopoly over the handheld gaming market.Though it boasted superior graphical capabilities than its predecessor, the Game Boy Color (with a display similar to the quality of a Super Nintendo), the GBA’s numerous problems were a huge and overshadowing disappointment.The screen was susceptible to glare and lacked backlighting, making certain games such as the notorious Castlevania: Circle of the Moon almost unplayable.The clamshell or laptop design protects the screen from scratches and dust, reminiscent of two-screen Game & Watch units.

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He opened his eyes and saw humanoid animals (Zyumen), a shark, a lion an elephant and a tiger looking at him.

They thought he was the thief of the King's Credential, but when he explained it was given to him by Bud (an eagle Zyuman), they decided to show him Zyuland.

When the Zyumen returned to the Link Cube in order to teleport Yamato back to his world, only to see themselves teleported with him to an unusual dimension in the middle of a war.

The King's Credential allowed him to transform into Zyuoh Eagle and fight with the Zyumen.

The five of them defeated the one who attacked Yamato's dimension, Deathgalien's Jagged, but Nalia made him grow giant, their Changers glowed to teach them how to summon the Zyuoh Cubes to fight the newly grown Jagged, and then their changers teached them how to form Zyuoh King, but Tiger and Elephant were out of the formation, to which Tiger responded "First come, first served? They defeated the Deathgalien and the Zyumen revealed their identities to Yamato, and told him they had no place to live in, so he offered his home, to which Elephant, (now revelated to be named Tusk), refused.

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