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This week will have 0 reserves, while next week will have reserves, and the following week will feature reserve gems. You'll even find a few fossils, carvings / lapidary items and gemstones mixed in every now and then.TTWO PAGES OF AUCTIONS: Up for auction is a very broad mix of minerals including specimens worth over 00 - all starting at bids, from the last 200 years and from many countries and places..results of our large collection purchases over the last few years! Look for pieces mixed in from various collections we've obtained including Willard Wulff, Kay Robertson, Francesco Bedogné, and Paul Zerfass, along with dealers' inventories.We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a notable collection / supply from a retiring gem dealer of beautiful mixed stones, cabochons and jewelry which we will be offering at liquidation prices!!

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An aesthetic CALCITE specimen from the Camp Bird Mine, Ouray Co., Colorado (ex Dave Bergman Collection) 7.Assorted specimens from Brazil from the collection of Rolando Gioia 8.PAGE 2 features assorted minerals from the Kay Robertson Collection! This week's auction is filled with new material we picked up over the last few months along with rarities, unusual pieces, gem crystals, classics and display specimens. Excellent RHODOCHROSITES ATTENTION: This auction will run longer than the normal period of time, so as not to interfere with Christmas and New Year's. This auction will be combined with the auction that closed on December 21st into one billing cycle, and will start to ship after January 4th.

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