Robert plant and allison krauss dating

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I thought of all the girls I know She said when the next one arrives You'll be looking into her eyes Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Mmm Left there in a hurry Looking forward to my big surprise The next day I discovered That the fortune teller told me a lie I hurried back down to that woman As mad as I could be I said I didn't see nobody Why had she made a fool out of me?

Ahead of the release of his new album, Band of Joy, Robert Plant talks to Andy Gill about the move from fronting the biggest band in the world to his success in exploring a diverse range of styles, from vocal harmony and country to North African and Arabic For a star of his magnitude, once the singer in the biggest band on the planet, frontman of the only group to seriously challenge the Rolling Stones' perennial claim on being the raunchiest of rockers, Robert Plant has managed to retain an admirably down-to-earth attitude to life.

He had three children with his wife Maureen: Carmen Jane, Logan Romero and Karac Pendragon (who, sadly, died aged five in 1977); and another son, Jesse Lee.

If there'd been a good-looking one, I could have done a deal, but as it was, I kept shouting, 'for god's sake, roll the camera!

', and when I came over the top of the dune, I was flushed from running.

Bass-player John Paul Jones, like Page, was a veteran session musician whose facility with keyboards and as an arranger would help furnish some of the textural depth that set Zeppelin apart from their peers.

John Bonham, a friend of Plant's from the Midlands heartland of heavy rock, was perhaps rock's greatest powerhouse drummer, eschewing the fussy jazz filigree of such as Cream's Ginger Baker and Jimi Hendrix Experience's Mitch Mitchell in favour of a crunching, dynamic rhythmic undercarriage that was strong enough to carry the heaviest of riffs.

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