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Now he joins the rank of wakcos over the towns people of Vicksburg.Ask your self what are the chances that my sister would kill her husband and then my wife would be killed by her new babies dad.

Recently he and his fellow criminals cost my mom the sale of her house by running off people and using the corrupt court run by ignorant white trash high on murder and drugs lied to my tax people, lied to my to my mom, refused to accept letters that would release their fake lien on my mom's house,lawyer who was to handle sale gave it to a girl who is best friends with my uncle Jimmy's not so bright daughter,that God she can't breed.

impossible odds of that happening, but they didn't stop there they killed my dad with the use of Blake Pearson whom they rewarded with a top job after he helps set up my daughter and rapes her .

My daughter is so strung out on cocaine provided by the sheriff and the others involved in these attacks on me and dad that she depends on Blake who was hired to kill her grand father in infiltrate my daughters life helping to set her up for murder as many other in the town have been murdered Lans snow,,sheriff deputy Cole, Furniture aries MRS.

Later i would learn he had worked in the same office as my cousin Penny Drraulley, psychiatrist to the New Orleans Police Department.

The day after My sisters arrested the new paper reports that she just graduated from hypnotherapy school ,the school was in St.

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