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Just took delivery of the new 17W11 batch, it’s really the best I’ve had in ages, a real rich fruity vibe with depth not like some of the other 2017 releases. I bought this bottle last year, but almost never used it because the opening was too sweet (16A01). I wish I could have tried it when it first launched as there are so many reviews stating how it has been watered down over the years which is a pity.The best Creed fragrance by a gigantic margin with the second best being Bois du Portugal.I tried really hard not to like this and go for lesser known fragrances but meh, why fool myself?People spend money on a whole bunch of nonsense all the time, such as ciagrettes or alcohol.Funny story, I heard about Aventus from one of the sales guys i one of the biggest perfumes shop here in Qatar, he said this is the best perfume on earth, so, I started looking for it on Youtube.

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