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And yet we kid ourselves that we lead busy, active lives.Dr Stuart Biddle, Professor of Physical Activity & Health at Loughborough University, who is backing Weight Watchers’ campaign, says: ‘Even if you exercise for at least 30 minutes most days, you are still storing up health problems from being sedentary too much. ’He has come up with a list of small changes you can make to incorporate sitting less into daily life - from using your smartphone while standing up, to placing your computer on an ironing board and even moving your bin away from your desk, forcing you to stand up to use it.Back at home, I watched an episode of House Of Cards, standing upright.It felt most peculiar, but I noticed I concentrated on the programme much more than normal.They were easy choices as honorary captains of The World-Herald’s 96th All-Nebraska team.After all the ballots were cast, it was clear who the winners were in the voting for the 24th World-Herald All-Nebraska softball team.My name is Liz and I’ve spent the last month Mostly Standing Up. I’ve conducted meetings and phone calls standing up.I’ve taken to typing vertically and learned to book ‘standing room only’ tickets at the theatre. As well as the usual advice on diet and exercise, they now advocate you simply stand up more to lose weight.

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Akin-Otiko is honored as the 2016 World-Herald Nebraska high school girls athlete of the year.Sitting down clearly makes my brain sluggish, as well as my muscles.Frankly it was a relief to go to bed - lying down, what a hedonistic joy.But I found that by walking through the pain I did actually feel more energised.By the evening, I didn’t want to sit down on the train, even as a treat.

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