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Another is Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan and his denunciation of George Hook. do know that I am a nobody in this world and never will be, making my comment very unimportant to the Irish people but I will make it.

For the last ten years I have worked between Ireland and Europe, I am currently back in Dublin now working on a project in the city.

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I don't believe in censorship - debate is the democratic way to challenge opinions.

We are all obliged to assess our surroundings from time to time and avoid going where we feel our personal safety is likely to be at risk. The management of Newstalk will show their metal or lack of it in how they face up to or cave in to the bullying tactics of the feminists pressure group.

My family and I are totally disappointed and shocked at Newstalk for suspending George Hook.

Other sponsors will be glad of the slots vacated by Tesco and the hotel group.

Have the courage of your convictions and reinstate George. I am disappointed with Newstalk for suspending George Hook in no way could any reasonabale person think that George condones rape regardless of the circumstances in which this crime happens,i am disgusted with Newstalk for bowing to the vested interests and social media, in the intrest of natural justic reinstate George without delay show some backbone Newstalk.

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