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One investigator is a retired police detective who says he just wanted to solve a murder but kept hearing the same allegation over and over.“To me that's a clue when different people from different backgrounds from different parts of town say that they are having the same instances about the police happening to them and listing the same police officers.

Zeigler says he worked with Golubski on a professional level in homicide but denied every hearing any troubling allegations. I want to keep this community’s trust and confidence in this department,” said Zeigler You can watch the chief’s entire raw interview here: KCTV5 reached out to the prosecutor’s office who declined to comment on our report.Rosie Mc Intyre will testify as part of the defense team’s arguments that Lamonte Mc Intyre is innocent.They say his wrongful conviction is more than a case of sloppy police work.They have the support of two different Innocence Projects.They are currently backed by the Midwest Innocence Project in Kansas City.

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