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Fish and Richardson operates an office in Redwood City, about seven miles from Palo Alto, with about 36 lawyers.

Rick Anderson, the chief operating officer who works out of the firm's Minneapolis office, said the firm has done what it has needed to do to practice in Silicon Valley, including paying exorbitant rents and paying high salaries to compete for talent, not only with other law firms, but also with high-flying startups and with large tech firms. Anderson was surprised to hear about Patterson and Sheridan.

Patterson Sheridan is a mid-size intellectual property firm based in Houston. more Members of Patterson Sheridan law team prepare to departe on a flight to Silicon Valley from the Sugar Land Regional Airport Tuesday, July 11, 2017, in Sugar Land.After a few short safety reminders from the pilot, Jason Branson, and the co-pilot, Mark Allen, the lawyers get immediately to work - laptops open, papers spread across their laps.It may seem the firm could spend less by buying round-trip tickets on commercial airlines.Even with the million cost of the jet and the ,500 an hour it costs to operate it, Patterson and Sheridan says the firm is still able to offer companies and inventors lower costs because most of the patent work is done in Houston, where commercial real estate is 43 percent cheaper, salaries 52 percent lower and competition for technical talent far less fierce. The firm has gained several major clients, including Intuit, the financial software maker; Western Digital, a computer data storage company; and Cavendish Kinetics, a maker of radio frequency devices."In some cases clients pay a little less," said Bruce Patterson, the firm's senior partner.

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