Sorority speed dating questions updating safari

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You can make faces at each other if you want, but don't ruin the whole experience by only talking to your friend. I can tell you, a major turn-off for guys are girls that travel in packs. It is very laid-back, and you really get out whatever you put in.” The fraternity members stress the importance of conversation at these events.

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“I like the frat rush process way more than the [sorority] rush process just because I feel like you can really become friends with and know the kids before they join rather then interviewing them and not being able to get to know them,” said Zach Rothschild ’15, a member of Delta Chi fraternity.When the fraternity brothers were asked about whether they believed there were any cons to the recruitment process, Beta Theta Pi fraternity member Dylan Haessly ’15 of Rocky River, Ohio explained, “Obviously those signed up for fraternity rush can choose to only attend none, one, or all fraternity events, unlike with sorority rush, and that may create missed opportunities.” There has been talk by the IFC (The Interfraternity Council) about a redesigning of the rush process but there has been no official statement or action made.Beta Theta Pi pledge Patrick Dunn ’17 from Saline, Michigan said, “Prior to rushing, I was on the fence about joining a fraternity, but the rush process definitely helped me to decide that if I were to get a bid I would join.King said, “We had a night where we took the kids bowling. We broke the rushies and actives into teams and competed for a prize.” In addition to these outings, some fraternities have been beginning to add more organization to their recruitment processes.Vawter said, “We have also been trying to add a little bit more structure to it as well, though.

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