Southern pacific funding corporation liquidating trust

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7 of the UN Charter, or (3) pre-UN rules of necessity & proportionality [the US and a few other countries assert this third principle from time to time].

Treaties: International agreements are governed, not by contract law, but by the Vienna Convention on Treaty Law.

(Time was, torture was just good police work, but no more.

Now it is universally renounced.) Not only is this customary international law, but it is a fundamental principle that cannot be limited.

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District Court said that the Navy had acted within its authority, under Federal statute.Mere uniformity of external regularity never justifies a conclusion of normativity.Governments attach importance to distinguishing between custom by which they hold themselves bound, and the mere practices often dictated by consideration of expediency and therefore devoid of definite legal meaning.In the experience of professional diplomats, many if not most corporate lawyers are clueless about the realities of international law.Texacos lawyers put in the contract that the applicable law was Libyan law that was in accord with international law principles, and any blanks would be filled with international law, and disputes would be decided by international arbitration, not by the Libyan courts.

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