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Numbers constructed may be summarised as follows: 61 during 1946; 111 during 1947; 47 during 1948 with the remainder (obviously built in small batches) talking until 1955: By 1956 the S800 had been dropped from the catalogues - although records show that in November of that year a few unsold examples still remained in stock.

During the post-war years something like 100 Multicut lathes were also built, together with a batch of 20-inch shapers to be sold under the Herbert brand.

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However, with the HLV in very short supply (and expensive) Herbert must have seen the potential for a home-grown competitor.

At some point in the mid 1950s a company called Lancing Tools bought up the manufacturing rights to the S800, so Evans made the very last of the batch for them, rather than for Smallpeice.

In 1958 Lancing then sought to buy the Cromwell trademark, together with all other tangible assets relating to the lathe.

Surviving minutes of Evans' board meetings give no indication that the Smallpeice design was made by anyone other than themselves - though, of course, all the earlier lathes would have been made by Cromwell Engineering in Coventry - with production ending after the factory's destruction.

It is known that the first S800 was constructed during July 1945, in Frome, but at the end of that year Evans were able to repossess their original works in Goldsmith Lane in Portsmouth and start production in earnest.

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