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When Dina got to the hospital, she says, Jonah told her that Max had fallen down the stairs and that the doctors were suggesting that he might have had a heart attack.Jonah said that he and Dina needed to be tested for Long QT syndrome, a hereditary heart rhythm condition that can cause seizures even in the very young.The yard at Dina’s house is brown and untended; a play set that once belonged to Max sits in the sun unused.

Max had been in the care of his father and his girlfriend of two years, a beautiful 32-year-old immigrant from Myanmar named Rebecca Zahau.

He ran home, and by the time he got there medics were preparing to put Max into an ambulance.

The investigating officer who interviewed Rebecca later gave a deposition for the upcoming trial saying that Rebecca told the police that she had been in a downstairs bathroom when she heard either a crash or the barking of her dog, Ocean.

"When we got down there, Rebecca picked us up from the airport, and I knew from the beginning that something was weird,” Nina tells me.

They had met only a few times before, but Rebecca hugged Nina tightly.

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