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Forecasts are strengthening regarding more significant snowfall during the first week of the New Year.We’ll provide an update on the forecast early next week as those storms approach.The two men strode down a wide corridor carved straight through the orange stone; floor, walls, and ceiling all polished to a mirror finish.

His contemporaries understood the purity of his mission, and diligently followed their directed course. Those who'd tried to interfere had been handled in ways that best suited their transgressions.

The statues were the greasy white of real marble, gleaming dully in the light.

Each in a different pose, their bodies the idealized perfection of the human form.

We’re ready to go on a moment’s notice as soon as we get that winter storm.

Synopsis: The first chapter in a long science fiction novel set in the not too distant future about a planet on the far edge of the galaxy where just about everything is legal, and a ship's crew on shore leave there. No, he had only one interest in his life now, one solitary passion that consumed his every waking moment.

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