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He simply wants to make things right in the relationship and move forward at her feet. They wish to have their partner desire their submission and humility.

In this world he feels connected to his partner and at her will. Submissive men would rather be spanked and feel all is right in the relationship than to be left wondering where he stands. It is somewhat childish in thought but extremely simple in the submissive mind. Most submissives are humble to some degree and desire to be more humble.

Cuckolds have become sissies, female supremacists have become black supremacists, and bisexual submissives have become depraved, perverse, degenerates and everyone has ventured over into someone else’s territory to explore and test the waters.

They are blue collar, white collar, single, married, educated, degreed, high-school drop outs, middle management cogs, entrepreneurs, law enforcement, those under the law, jocks, nerds, run-of-the-mill Joes, Republican and Democrat and even Tea Partiers, American and European, rich, poor, short, tall, fat, skinny, straight, gay, and in the closet bisexual, muscular, 98 pound weaklings, young and old, ugly and attractive, and the guy next door.

I wasn’t interested in chatting about sex with random strangers for my own personal arousal but I can remember, even then, YEARS before the concept of Afroeroti K was even a tiny seed in my consciousness, that I was intrigued by people sharing their fantasies with me.

I’m going to suggest that the categories have remained essentially the same but they have grown, morphed into some sort of amalgamation of white male submission where the lines are blurred and the identities aren’t nearly so neatly defined any more.

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