Subscription free sex videos

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The carriers already got into a fierce price war over unlimited data plans last winter. An HBO Now subscription usually costs a month, the Netflix standard HD plan costs (soon going to ), and Hulu’s limited ad plan is .

So the Internet video free offers can be a great deal—if they coincide with a customer’s viewing preferences and wireless needs.

The female robots which talk and moan, are now on sale via the robotics company Synth Amatus.

For £2,500 (,300) customers can get their hands on their very own sex robot that, it is claimed, “likes to be touched” and can sense arousal.

In some ways, as customers have shifted their viewing habits from TV sets to mobile phones, they’ve created an opening for an update of the classic cable TV bundle.

Bundling is a common strategy in markets where customers can easily switch among competitors.

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