Tasmanian single parents dating

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Read more about this nonsense of pollution in the Daintree.On the Daintree river ferry in north Queensland the local council regulations say that trucks carrying fuel have to travel on the ferry alone, with no other vehicles or passengers, even if it is peak time and queues are built up on both sides of the river.The need for restrictions on guns are obvious but bulletproof vests could not harm anybody else and can only protect people, seems strange to outlaw them...In october 2003 the Victorian parliament introduced legislation banning the eating of cats and dogs.Authorities apparently receive regular complaints of people eating cats and dogs but a recent report that somone had bought a puppy for the purpose of eating it led to this new law which also prohibits people from slaughtering any other animal not included in the Meat Industry Act as "consumable".Queensland Fancy Cheese Products - a succesful 37 year old family business that has become an institution in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm was instructed to close down by the court in january 2004.

An information day was organized at the local school to tell devastated residents exactly how screwed they were, and no less than three police officers were at Mike Berwick's side to protect him from natural justice.The Australian court system recognizes in certain cases the ancient Aboriginal tribal laws where offenders are punished for their actions by members of the victim's family.For instance in the case of a murder in 2002 in Central Australia, Alice Springs magistrate Michael Ward ordered the murderer be taken to Nyrripi, about 450km west of Alice Springs, where he would suffer traditional Aboriginal justice, or payback, at the hands of the victim's relatives who speared Webb no less than 13 times and also broke his ankle during a ceremony that was witnessed by police and health workers!Many excuses were made and you could have walked across Moreton Bay for all the broken-down fishing boats but the best one of all was a woman whose excuse was that she was having group sex with 30 men in hippie-haven Nimbin, NSW, and could not get to a polling booth in Queensland on time to vote.The punishment for illegally killing one of the Top End's 70,000 crocodiles is a fine of up to ,000 for an individual and 5,000 for a company - or up to five years' jail.

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