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Many believe the apparition to be that of a former church minister.The house standing on Myrtle Plantation is reportedly home to at least 12 ghosts, and the most famous of them being Chloe (whose spirit was captured in the photograph above).This eerie photograph was taken 1985, during a meeting of the Masons in the 14th-century venue, which had once also been used as a prison. There were over a 100 Mason’s in attendance that night who all say there was no one in robes at the event.

A ghostly figure can be seen flickering in and out of sight in this security camera video taken at Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Bolton, England.The man leaning against the shelves in the background was not seen with the naked eye at any time during the night long vigil.Other shots taken at the same time with high-speed film showed no trace of him.or all time and in all cultures we have been enthralled by the idea of a spirit world.It seems we remain fascinated by the idea of whether ghosts actually exist.

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