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You can have individual room owners like most of our party lines do, or have 1 person run the entire system, that part is up to you to decide.

To get your own free party line you should have at least ten loyal callers to help support you, and get it going.

e Bay acquired it in September 2005 but later in May 2011, the OS giant Microsoft acquired the application.

Features of the Skype app contributed well enough to make it grow at a faster pace.

They also come with over 10,000 private rooms which can hold an unlimited amount of callers for people who like to get away, and chat privately with friends.

Then type in your username, and password, and the last 4 digits of the party line you are on and click login. All of our party lines come with the most advanced phone, and web controls available.

There are various new apps available that have tried to copy the Skype features.

But still it has the best services and features to provide that include: The Skype users having any trouble with the services can contact official customer support or call our third party Skype customer care phone number to avail solution to the problem.

Once you earn 15,000 minutes in 5 days or less we will move you onto your own 10 room party line which will give you your own dial in number, system greeting, full admin web control, and access to over 10,000 private rooms.

This is considered a fast forward option and is only available to new callers.

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