Totally lds dating

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Sadly, this is not necessarily so, and there tends to be more of an unfortunate stigma attached to older women dating young men.

It’s often “different strokes for different folks,” as the old saying goes.

“Most guys I've met who are within one year or more younger than me refuse to consider me as a dating option. I thought that would change as I got older and they realized it was just a number and that a few years didn't make all that much of a difference. I find the whole situation frustrating and ridiculous.”I hope that this friend’s unfortunate experiences are the exception and not the rule.

Either way, some misconceptions about dating apparently still need to be discussed and debunked.

This was not a big, earth-shattering deal for either of us.

She, in fact, asked me out first, which was a gesture I greatly appreciated and one that I later reciprocated.

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