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I’d start thinking about what it will mean for your job if Fergus gets fired.

Will there still be a spot for you in your company? It’s very unlikely that this is going to end quietly, and you’ll want to be prepared for that. Employer had me take typing and spelling tests for a director-level position I am currently unhappily employed, and so have been applying for jobs lately.

When she came out of the office, she told me that she had left her husband and kids for him, but Fergus has refused to leave his family.

It’s been about a week and she is still in the office.

"Oooooh Mommmmm" I moaned as my cock ground into her asshole and blew shot after shot of jizz way deep up in it. Although, we and our family lives in the same state, we are all still hundreds miles apart.

I am 100% percent sure that they are together because I can hear their conversations, have delivered messages to them, and Jane talks to me about Fergus.

Because she confided in me and because he’s my boss I’m right in the middle of it. You’d be entirely justified in reporting it to them; your boss abused his power by becoming sexually involved with someone he manages.

There should be consequences to that, and you don’t need to protect him from those.

"Aaaaaaahhhh, fuuuck Mom this ass is too fuckin' good! " I shoved in so deep up her ass and started to blow my load.

I reached forward and lay on top of her sweaty body, grabbing at her big tits, squeezing them, getting my mouth at her neck and sucking and licking at it.

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