Updating a kitchen for cheap

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What you see here is directory structure of a foreign folder which has been placed on the Cheap and Sleazy severs.I don't think I know anyone named Kate, so it's unlikely that I would name a folder after her and upload it like that.I downloaded one of the modified files to see what was different, and found this: Compromised File What you're looking at in the above picture is one of the files that were modified. As an aside, I just Googled that first line (you know, the one where it says "div style= "position:absolute; filter:alpha(opacity=0);opacity: 0.001;"), and the results were ... Anyway, all of the files that were uploaded to the web sever had this in them.If you look closely, you should see a bunch of links for stuff that would never be on Cheap and Sleazy. The only way -- well, the quickest way -- to fix this particular problem was to upload the copies of these files that I had on my hard drive -- all of which were *NOT* modified on the 15th.

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Of course, that didn't stop someone from using that "empty" folder for their own purposes ... Aggressive Negotiations 1: Mace and Some Pesky Spammer (*Ahem! As you've probably noticed -- and I may have mentioned once or twice -- I haven't done any updates for quite a while. I looked into one of the folders that were inside the "Litter" folder, and found this: Spammers do Golf on Cheap and Sleazy As you might guess, I was far from happy when I saw that. and yes, that was one of the casualties from losing my notes). I didn't know her really well; we only interacted in one of the groups we were in together, along with the occasional birthday greeting. " Well, to paraphrase a Monthy Python movie, "Um ... " Actually, what happened was I got an e-mail from Steve "Da Man Hisself" Shastay: "Since it's now easy to offer instant downloads, I'll be putting my drills on Payloadz and using various blogs to create a customer base. Unfortunately, Business A decided that item X was a better deal than what the customer had ordered ... As you might guess, the customer was less than pleased, and asked for a refund.

On the plus side, I have been doing mini updates all along ... Why, it's Plover, thanks to Cheap and Sleazy contributor Mirabai Knight and a few Python programmers. That said, I remember reading -- well, somewhere -- that the more often you're on your writer, the more familiar your fingers will be with that keyboard. I basically showed her how to use Audacity to edit an audio file ... And finally, for the ladies past a certain age, there's "The Art and Science of the Hot Flash" that might be worth a look. and I think that's pretty much it for the new stuff. so naturally, I whipped up the above pair, and made a few people smile with their personal Coke bottles/cans. and those family members would be my favorite granddaughter, Katiana, my "Favorite Ex-Wife," Leola, and my favorite daughter, Kenya! " If I had a dollar for every time someone has said (or even thought! tell me what you think of this one: (With apologies to Eric Sim) (*ahem! "We do steno every day that'll affect your daily life "Throw 'em up for the Steno Life! Anyway, the movie was called, "Pledge or Die;" I'm not sure who made it (the case was from Costco, and there wasn't very much information on the case or the DVD itself) so -- oh, wait a minute -- just found a trailer ... Unfortunately I couldn't get it to play in my DVD player that I had hooked up to my TV, so I put it into my i Mac. As for the plot, it concerns a group of young men pledging a frat and the drama that ensues therefrom.

And, since this mini pledge drive took place on Facebook, let's spiff this up a bit and give them a "Big Facebook Like:" Big Like Thank you again, ladies!! Sadly, the second time through was, while a bit better, not good enough ... On the plus side, having gone through the class did give me a bit more appreciation for chemistry-related humor, like so: Ah! I'm workin' on it ....): "Breaking Glen" (Wait, what?! imagine my surprise when I kept finding all these pages with what appeared to be links to pages on Cheap and Sleazy that did not exist ... I got an empty page, and an offer to translate it from Japanese. I'm sure you can imagine my surprise to see this crap on my website!

Unfortunately, I had an encounter with a few sophisticated spammers, and, in the process of clearing out all of their crap (that's a technical term, by the way), I accidently overwrote my in-progress copy of this file with something in Japanese ... Before I get to that horrible tale, I have to thank a few of my Facebook friends who were nice enough to answer my call for help and come to my financial assistance when the hosting fees for Cheap and Sleazy came due, and the actions -- or lack thereof -- of a certain former client prevented me from taking care of them myself. and if you've been watching my posts on Facebook, then you know that's a lot of time I'm spending on my writer! and imagine my surprise when I saw this -- "this" being the last line in the credits shown below: Dad in Credits "I didn't have my name in the credits when I was in "The Hunt for Red October," I thought when I saw that ... That's the hat that I sent my dad from my last ship, the " USS CARL VINSON ... Ah, here we go: My "Chuckie V" Ballcap He wore that hat throughout the movie ... The Chemistry Conundrum For those of you following along at home, you might remember that in my last update I was planning on going to school to become a Biomedical Electronics Technician ...

just not uploading them until everything that needed to be done was done. The very same free steno software I'm using to write this update, on my Mac, *WITHOUT* having to run Windows -- and yes, there's a Windows version, as well as a version for Linux. With Plover, anything I write on my Mac these days is most likely written with my writer ... As you might guess, neither of those names are very common, so they're not likely to be showing up on any cans or bottles of Coke any time soon, so, for my favorite granddaughter, I just made these: Katiana Cokes Yes, yes, I know: "Dude. The DVD Player program opened and started to play it ... :o) In the scene shown in the previous picture, he's yelling at some kids on the bus he's driving -- including his own (movie) son (shhh! One of the kids gets killed (my dad's movie son), and ... Dad's Final Scene Here's a better shot of my former Civil Engineer dad playing a bus driver: Better Shot of Dad as Bus Driver Now we'll have to figure out how to get my sister in a movie ...

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