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The first beta of mac OS 10.13.1 was issued to developer last week.With a feature set that's already incredible, In Design CC 2017 is a case of evolution rather than revolution. Its integration with other Adobe tools is, of course, second to none, meaning you can flit between apps with ease to speed up your layout workflow.Hi Anjelli, welcome to GDSE and thanks for your answer.If you have any questions, please see the help center or ping one of us in Graphic Design Chat once your reputation is sufficient (20). So what you have is a linked file within a linked file.The Ai file is only ever updated when ai files are saved to disk.Anything outside ai is oblivious to changes until ai saves those changes.Is there a way that I can tell In Design to thoroughly update all links, regardless of whether the file stamp says a file has changed or not? Not very elegant, but could you physically move the folder containing the linked elements, open the ID file so it recognizes that everything is missing -- and then relink imports to the new location?

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Only illustrator can update the link, if it has the file in question open. Its a bit like loading a image into browser after that i change the file on disk and shutdown the webserver.

However, I'm confused as to what the purpose of a linked file is if both Illustrator and In Design save a cached copy of the linked file.

At the very least, there ought to be an option to wipe out cached images and force the program to reconstruct them from [email protected] There is a way to kill the cache, that is to have the illustrator file open in illustrator.

It will have a little caution triangle by the file name if the file has changed.

Double click on the triangle and your Illustrator file should update.

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