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- Added %g and %f to the macro and predefined messages. [V1.12 2000-07-10] - Added an import function for the QSO log from a text file.- Corrected the receive/transmit switching bug in the FSK mode (thanks to JA1FQI).RTTY has substantial amount of margin for the discrepancies, so I do not think they are problematic in real QSOs.================================================ RX log setting moved from the setup menu to the File menu ================================================ To save the system resources in the remote mode, the settings of the RX log have been moved from the setup menu to the File menu. ================== EXTFSK port ================== EXTFSK is used for the USB-FSK interface made by JA7UDE Oba."Misc" tab - the new "Device Identifiers" panel enables independent selection of soundcard devices for reception ("RX") and transmission ("TX"); any of 16 input and output soundcard devices can be selected (tnx to Gil W0MN and Joe W4TV) - selecting an "RX" or "TX" device identifier in the "Device Identifiers" panel updates the respective "Reception" or "Transmission" panels shown on the new "Soundcard" tab C.

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(FT-1000MP,...)" entry to "Yaesu FT 1000D, 1000MP, 920" *** renamed the previous "Yaesu VU?

- - - - - - - JE3HHT Makoto Mori © 2000-2010 [V1.00 2000-06-30] - Released the initial version. [V1.05 2000-07-06] - Placed the control box for the LPF in the main menu window.

[V1.01 2000-07-01] - Added the control of the buffer size for the sound card. [V1.02 2000-07-01] - Got the input window size stored into the INI file. - Got the colors of the water fall, receive window, and transmit window be user customizable.

- Modified the timing for automatic TX to RX switching.

[V1.17 2000-07-12] - Added import/export function for LOG200 data file. [V1.18 2000-07-12] - Changed the default of the frequency discriminator from FIR to IIR. [V1.26 2000-07-20] - Improved the logging facility.

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