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Harry had fought the good fight and killed the bad guy.

He felt he had earned the right to then live his life how he wanted to.

Every time he went to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley he was smiling and polite. Mostly they were small children, who seemed oblivious to the aura of power that Harry now radiated, their parents choosing deferential nods instead.

An emotionally wretched hearing had cleared the man of any crimes committed while a Death Eater, and Severus Snape was now considered a hero second only to The Boy Who Conquered.

Harry was careful to support the Ministry for the most part, but always allowed a hint of unease to slip through.

That Minister Fudge sent Hagrid to Azkaban 'just to be seen to be doing something', sent Dementors to Hogwarts where on multiple occasions Harry had nearly been killed, and that he had then sent Umbridge to Hogwarts in an effort to further discredit both Harry and Dumbledore.

True the final battle at Hogwarts had been anything but easy, and some people he knew rather well had not made it.

It was however finished a few weeks before the exam season began.

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