Updating rockstar games

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Publisher: Rockstar Release: TBA 2012Being a numbered GTA title is a big deal.We know GTA V is set in Los Santos, Rockstar's take on Los Angeles, and that it may have multiple protagonists.Boasting a unique and entirely customizable Esper summoning system and tons of ultra-cool character-specific abilities, FF3 is one of Square's finest achievements.Rarely will you ever find an RPG that sets standards on all levels -- visually, acoustically, and mechanically -- but 1994's swords and sorcery tale is one that's done it.Though the day of 2D, sprite-based RTS games has passed, Age of Kings's gameplay still wins players over.

It is truly one of the most original games of modern gaming and Nintendo itself will have trouble topping this sequel, which is unparalleled in style and execution. Platform: NES Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Year Released: 1987 Why it Made the Top 100 List: At one time, Mike Tyson was not only the greatest boxer in the world, but one of the greatest athletes.

Prime remains one of the prettiest games on Nintendo's console, too. Name: Grand Theft Auto III Platform: Play Station 2, Xbox, PC Developer: DMA Designs Publisher: Rockstar Games Year Released: 2001 Why it Made the Top 100 List: Love it or hate it, it is impossible to deny GTA3's influence.

Reviled by the ignorant and revered by gamers the world over, it allowed you to go into an urban environment and do pretty much whatever the heck you wanted, from the safety of your living room couch.

What we don't know is whether it's a continuation of GTA IV or a return to the pop culture of Vice City and San Andreas.

The golden hues and gloss of the trailer suggests the latter, but, hey: that could just be California.

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