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What if an attacker bypasses your client, or shuts off your client-side script routines, for example, by disabling Java Script?Use client-side validation to help reduce the number of round trips to the server but do not rely on it for security.It is also a good place to look for information leakage issues: errors.required= is required. errors.maxlength= cannot be greater than characters. Many web applications use operating system features and external programs to perform their functions.

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If string parsing is performed on the payload received by the application and an extremely large string is sent repeatedly to the application the CPU cycles used by the application to parse the payload may cause service degradation or even denial of service. Server-side code should perform its own validation.

Next we look at the form beans for the application. The most common issue with this type of development is either the developer forgetting to validate all fields or a complete form.

In struts, form beans are on the server side and encapsulate the information sent to the application via a HTTP form. The other thing to look for is incorrect regular expressions, so learn those Reg Ex’s kids!!!

Without data validation the attacker can inject Meta characters, malicious commands, or command modifiers, masquerading, as legitimate information and the web application will blindly pass these on to the external system for execution.

Checking for minimum and maximum length is of paramount importance, even if the code base is not vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks.

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