Vancouver social insurance card updating

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The government says the idea fixes an antiquated system, but privacy critics have their doubts. is introducing a high-tech identification card to replace the old Care Card — and residents will have the option of combining it with their driver's licence and other provincial service cards..If you already have a gold Care Card, you may continue to use it until 2018. Your card can be used as of the date your MSP coverage begins.For those under 19, and some adults, the date is indicated on the paper attached to the card when it is delivered.C.'s information and privacy commissioner." "It is critical that in developing this program, that the sensitive personal information of British Columbians is protected." Denham's statement said her office is evaluating the system's security issues and its design, but is still awaiting relevant information from the government. Last July, former children's minister Mary Mc Neil admitted the government's 2-million Integrated Case Management program to improve information flow in the child welfare system needed repair after a report from the Independent Representative for Children and Youth concluded the database was deeply flawed and put children at risk."Is it as secure as the Integrated Case Management system? "That's the last thing they did where they had massive data-sharing, and that blew up as soon as they introduced it." Gogolek also suggested governments should be wary of plans to link databases.If you already have a gold Care Card, you may continue to use it until 2018. Children under 19 years of age may be automatically issued their first non-photo BC Services Card when an adult on the account obtains their own BC Services Card by attending an ICBC driver licensing office (ICBC DLO).

The new cards include a photograph and expire every five years, she said.If you don't drive, you can renew enrolment at the nearest driver licensing office.Some MSP beneficiaries are not required to renew enrolment: Care Cards and Gold Care Cards can continue to be used to access provincially-funded health services until 2018.Report your missing card by phoning Health Insurance BC as soon as possible. Driver’s Licence & Services Card is revoked for medical reasons or seized/suspended for other reasons, there is no impact to your MSP coverage status.Health Insurance BC will assist you in obtaining a replacement card. As soon as possible, you should: Call Health Insurance BC to get your Personal Health Number.

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