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Soon after, Sid decided to head to the big time, and went to WCW.

He became Sid Vicious, a man feared for the way he could destroy his opponents.

This was Justice’s big moment in the WWF for the time being, as he soon departed them and again wrestled in smaller organizations for a time. Sid Vicious joined up with Big Van Vader once again, and the two fought with various partners against Sting and his factions.

The two groups met at consecutive PPVs, with Sting’s faction normally coming out on top.

This brawl showed that “Vicious” was a very good nickname for the 6’9″ monster.Sid Vicious was still gaining ground in the world of wrestling, though, until an ugly incident in October ’93.It was soon after the Halloween Havoc PPV, where Sid had lost to Sting.But when Hogan eliminated Justice from the Royal Rumble ’92 (from the outside), Sid began a major feud with him.At Wrestlemania VIII, they met in the main event, with Hogan winning via DQ when Sid couldn’t control his rage.

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