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Both stylization and pseudo-individualization contribute to the possibilities of mass marketing. In the modern period, however, unreason is pushed further beneath the surface of society, and is understandable only through certain artists; madness on the other hand, becomes mental illness, and is treated and controlled by medical and psychiatric practices.

The consequences for the audience in late capitalism are distraction on the one hand, and on the other hand, a means of ensuring the audience’s ‘adjustment’ to its dependency. Unreason is somehow lost after the eighteenth century, a situation which Foucault laments.

The significance of Adorno’s thought on the culture industry is becoming increasingly apparent in the present era. Foucaulut insists that madness is not a natural, unchanging thing, but rather depends on the society in which it exists.

Bartmanski, Dominik - Yale University, USA [2012] How to become an iconic social thinker: The intellectual pursuits of Malinowski and Foucault Dominik Bartmanski In: European Journal of Social Theory, 15(4): 427-453. 2: L'usage des plaisirs (1984) [2004] The Crisis of Medicine or the Crisis of Antimedicine? This was the first of three lectures given by Michel Foucault on social medicine in October 1974 at the Institute of Social Medicine, Biomedical Center, of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Original Publication: Histoire de la sexualité, Vol.If you are dissatisfied with our answer, you may then refer the matter to IPSO.For complaints about non-editorial third party comments on website articles you should always use the “report this post” function next to the comment.

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