Who is wyclef jean dating

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He won’t quite cop to it in conversation, or in his new memoir, “Purpose,” but with Anthony Bozza, he writes of an explosive affair with Lauryn Hill so combustible that it’s no surprise it burnt down the house. She also had five children with the son of Bob Marley, Rohan. “I was in the middle and each of them was passionate about me in different ways.” Tough, eh? In 1999, she broke records with “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” as the first woman to win five Grammys in one night.“I’m a stronger supporter of Barack Obama.” Right now, he says he’s going to focus on developing young artists.“I want to continue on the trail to being a music executive,” he says.“They created a bogus law that says you had to be a resident of the country for five years,” says Jean.

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The foundation was accused of financial malfeasance and is now under new management. “I take full responsibility in saying that the charity made mistakes,” says Jean. The idea of Wyclef Jean pocketing money is ludicrous.” Jean filed papers to run for president of Haiti in 2010, but his bid was rejected by the electoral council.

“I’ve been told by many angry people who are also her fans that if I hadn’t messed with her, she would not have gone so insane,” he complains in the book.

In conversation, he says this: “If a man is in a relationship with a female and the man leaves the female, and she goes in a relationship with another man and has five children with that guy ...

The Detroit rapper in his rap, “The Storm,” referred to Trump as a “kamikaze that'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust,” and challenged his fans who are Trump supporters.“Eminem is one of the greatest of all-time, and what makes you great is not popular all the time,” Jean said. Jean said when making the new album he was able to use sounds recorded near the planet Jupiter by NASA's Juno spacecraft for the song, “Borrowed Time.”“For me, taking sounds from space and merging it with earth music …

that was one of the coolest things that I’ve done as an audio engineer,” Jean said.

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