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Several online stores now accept litecoin as well as online travel agencies Cheap Air and Btctrip, Re/Max Realty, Overstock, and Uber.

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Litecoin has been called the "little brother" to bitcoin and was created in 2011.

Litecoin differs from bitcoin in the size of transactions it's intended to support.

If you're interested in purchasing cryptocurrency, sign up for an account on Coinbase and get of FREE bitcoin!

Blockchain technology is the backbone of cryptocurrency.

There are 17 things you should consider when you start dating someone who has been alone for a while. Being single for an extended period of time gets you into the habit of acting alone. They're not used to having someone look out for them. Much like doing things without letting you know, this is how a single person operates. By now, you've heard of bitcoin, but most haven't used it, don't really understand it, and aren't sure if it's relevant to their lives.

Bitcoin can support very large transactions while litecoin, invented by a Google employee, is aimed at microtransactions.

It's a cheaper form of cryptocurrency than bitcoin and transactions process much more rapidly.

Bitcoin and Ether are both digital currencies but operate differently as the latter isn't well-suited for everyday consumer usage.

However, Ether can be traded on the digital currency market and may be something to consider for a potential investment and is also available via Coinbase.

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