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Those who pose a threat fall into the following categories; What is a 'devotee'?

As I stated earlier on in this series of articles, devotees are individuals who express a strong sexual interest in congenital or traumatic amputees.

Devotees are also known to physically stalk women with limb deficiency and there have been cases in the US and across Europe where they have waited in the car parks and waiting rooms of limb fitting centres and attempted to take covert photos.

Women who have been stalked and targeted in this way often report how violated they feel.

We know that amputee devotees increasingly use the internet and social media to make contact with people with limb difference and limb deficiency, so need to be considered as a significant threat to the EDRIC/Dys Net community and all limb difference charities and groups.

Most of the amputee devotee websites are based in the US and range from hard core pornography to admiration and devotion sites, hence general use of the term 'devotee'.

Equally some women are happy to form relationships with devotees because they enjoy the erotic desire.

We seek to connect people within a specific interest group, encouraging dialogue in a safe and open environment where sharing of information is a principle objective.

But in such an environment, others can exploit the openness and access to individuals to meet their own objectives that may cause harm, distress or danger to EDRIC members and Dys Net users.

Amputee devotees are mostly men who are sexually attracted to women with missing limbs and will seemingly do anything to establish relationships with women with missing or malformed limbs.

There may well be a subset of men attracted to other men and women attracted to women but male amputee devotees certainly appear to dominate.

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