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By joining this network you acknowledge your understanding of the teachings of Abraham and your desire to live and co-create romantic partnerships with others seeking the same.The intention is to create a community of leading edge thinkers who are seeking relationships in the Vortex.Everything is decorated with Christmas-ey stuff everywhere from the mall to your work to the dentist’s office. A Channukah-themed-cozy for your Christmas-themed Starbucks cup. Make up Jewish stories about all the Christmas songs that are a-blasting in every store. Seeing your friends who you made in your first month of the UWS and then never spoke to again once you found your 'real’ crew Being angry at your friends who switched to other camps…being angry at your friends who moved to Brooklyn Overheard in NY may have introduced us to the perils of speaking too loudly in public, but we believe that there may be more gems to be heard on the UWS than anywhere else in NY (in our totally unbiased opinion of course). Waitress: “Would you like to look at a dessert menu? Bartender: “OH, is this the hot girl you were telling me about? “You don’t really look like your picture…is that from a few years ago? I mean, it’s not really my thing, but I figured I would try it out.”24. You were tall - probably around 5.10 and you were wearing a skinny suit.And not to mention the forced vacation days (not complaining about that part) where EVERYTHING IS CLOSED. It would be stylish and awesome and blue (because apparently that is the color of the Jewish people) and everyone will want one. With so many ‘precocious’ twenty-somethings living in one place (and dating in one place) it makes sense that the nuggets of conversation you can overhear are shocking, sociologically fascinating, and often hilarious (unless you are the one partaking in the conversation). “Oh shoot I think the other guy I’m seeing is at the table next to us…I’m so sorry this is so awkward. I tried to find you after but you disappeared into the crowd.A place where leading edge thinkers can find each other.So, all leading edge thinkers and students of Abraham are welcome no matter which city, state or country you reside.We ask for this financial donation to show your individual level of committment and to identify those who are serious enough to be a part of this group and the intention that comes with consciously and deliberately joining it. The fee goes towards the cost of hosting this meetup website and keeping it updated with information and events. We hope you'll join us in The Vortex and find yourself living happily ever after.

As the group grows throughout the country and internationally our intention is to co-create outings and trips to meet at Art of Allowing workshops in various cities or on the Abraham Hicks cruises.

)- Judaism comes in many different forms and classifications….terms like ‘modern orthodox’ 'conservative’ and 'conservadox’ will lose concrete meaning- your friends may date someone outside of your liking (or even not Jewish? Try not to pre-judge people until you have at least had one real conversation with them (kiddish doesn’t count)- You may not get less awkward as you get older - People will continue to ask you annoying and personal questions about your dating life, food allergies, and sexual assault history for the rest of your life (see above comment about awkward people)- Dating will not get less competitive as you get older either - There will still always be that girl who needs every guy to be in love with her, even if she is already dating someone- Dairy meals are actually ok on Shabbat…let’s face it, chicken in NYC is really expensive- There really are that many Jewish lawyers and doctors - If you blacklist every guy who dates your friend/roommate you will have no one left to talk to - You will reach a point where you look at some of your friends husbands and thank yourself for waiting for the right person…instead of marrying that guy you deep down knew wasn’t right for you- You will become those 'older’ upper west siders’ …

there is nothing you can do about this- Some people have more money/nicer apartment/better jobs than you…is life (and it won’t always feel fair)- You will become comfortable going out of your comfort zone to escape the mundane upper west side every one in a while…and you might actually enjoy it (grouper anyone? just talk them through whether or not it’s what they want (and support them whatever they decide)- More 'Orthodox’ Jews are having sex than you thought- There are also more people than you might think who are over 23 and have still never kissed anyone even though they are not shomer negiyah (which, by the way is no longer a thing once you get passed a certain age and are still unmarried)- It’s ok to skip that party on Saturday night…you REALLY won’t miss anything- Your favorite memories will be those spent with your best friends…not at those Jew parties that you stressed to make epic (but you will look fondly on a few particularly memorable stories and smile at how much you have changed)- There is way more in Central Park than the great lawn- There are also far better bars then gin mill- DFMOs are overrated….great chemistry is not- Some people you meet will be shockingly ignorant…others will be far more accepting than you thought they would be.

I don’t see any reason why I can’t decorate the trees in my parents’ front yard with dreidel ornaments for 3 months. Whether or not us old timers live here in continuous bliss, contentment, or building resentment, it is clear that no matter how we feel about our years here, we have leaned a tremendous amount about religion, community, love, friendships and ourselves.

As far as I’m concerned this is already a Jewish thing.8. The experience one has in this community varies so drastically as the weeks, months, years go on that it is almost impossible to fathom how this place is the same one you moved into, when you were that dewey eyed kid moving here to join “the scene” for the first time.

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